Chimney Sweep Costume for Kids


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There’s nothing like a good old-fashioned grungy London scene. There are grubby children selling flowers, twirly mustachioed factory barons plotting around every corner, and black smoke pouring out of every chimney. No wonder this time and place created stories like “A Christmas Carol”. Stories with dark twists and turns that we will never forget.In the London of Dicken’s the coal is burning like there’s no tomorrow. Which is bad news for anyone who wants to wear white but good news for anyone little enough to fit up and scrub a chimney! No more begging for coins from that “Govna'” on the corner. Oh no, this was a time for street urchins to start their own industry. Maybe you’re dressing your kiddo up for a Charles Dickens play or maybe you’re trying to get set him up for a career in a retro industry (hand cleaning chimneys could be the new boutique market) either way, they’re going to need a costume. Now, we’re not sure what chimney technicians wear these days, maybe it’s some kind of jumpsuit? But we are sure that the current uniform can’t possibly beat the uniform of Dickensian London. Really, people were doing dirty work in wool a vest and pinstripes. How fancy! This costume will make your little one right at home as he climbs the rooftops in this iconic landscape. The costume comes with a gray shirt attached to a black vest, pinstriped pants that come with an elastic band, a handkerchief for a spot of color, and a newsboy cap. Add a chimney sweep and a little black powder on your kiddos face to make the look complete. Nothing like a little coal dust to represent the era of industry!