Child’s Play Chucky Women’s Leggings


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Word on the street is that you have a lovely laugh. Was it “lovely,” actually? Maybe they said “horrifying.” Oh well, can’t remember. Whichever was your aim, we’re sure you’re nailing it. We meant no disrespect! Please stop giving us that look. Don’t hurt us! The last thing we want to do is insult Chucky. Seriously, Chucky’s reputation precedes him, especially that stuff about the temper. You’re such a doll, we swear! With your red hair and long legs and sense of humor, we find it all rather charming and not horrifying at all.Ever since the eighties, the legend of the Chucky saga has been echoing from generation to generation, sparking fear in all our hearts. Of course, some of this fear is unwarranted. We don’t need to fear redheads simply for being redheads. We need not fear dolls for being mere toys with beady little eyes. We certainly don’t fear you! But if you slipped into these Women’s Child’s Play Chucky Leggings we have here, well, yeah we would fear you. It’s not necessarily a made-us-jump kind of fear, but more of a walking-on-eggshells, not-sure-if-she’ll-snap-at-any-moment kind of fear. You know? Well if that’s your thing, these super soft officially licensed Women’s Child’s Play Chucky Leggings will spark a unique sort of fear in the hearts of all your friends, family, acquaintances, innocent bystanders, coworkers, and us. They’ll make a good base for a more elaborate Child’s Play-themed costume, and they’ll look good at the gym, too! We think when you’re wearing these, dudes will think twice about the possible consequences before speaking out of turn.