Child Trolls Guy Diamond Costume


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Shine Bright Like a DiamondWho needs clothes when you are a walking, talking glitter wand! As a Glitter Troll, Guy Diamond knows that his best accessory is his own glamorous skin. Plus, unlike some sparkly vampires we could name, Guy Diamond is happy to share his shine. His friends know him as a hugging machine, ready to dole out supersized squeezes at any time!As one of Queen Poppy’s best friends and a member of the Snack Pack, Guy Diamond realizes the importance of making a big impression. He never wears a vest or pants like the rest of his troll buddies because why cover up your best feature? Doing the Electric Slide is so much better when you look electric too!If you’re looking to dazzle and delight, this costume is for you! Express your bubbly personality as you glam your way to being the center of attention, just like Guy Diamond. All who see Guy with his eye-catching, glitter-shedding skin know that it’s time to have fun and celebrate friendship with some fantastic hugs (although with social distancing, maybe air hugs are best!)Product DetailsGet ready to be the life of any party in this officially licensed Trolls Child Guy Diamond costume! This silvery, shiny, 100 percent polyester bodysuit is perfect for showing off all of your best dance moves and grooves. The electric green nose attaches via an elastic that wraps around your head, making it easy to wear. Add Guy Diamond’s signature shock of bright white hair, and you’re set to jam and jive your auto-tuned best!The Old Razzle DazzleEvery party you attend will be memorable when you go as Guy Diamond! Bask in your own silvery glow and prepare for compliments, especially when you show off your shiny self with your signature dancing style. Better yet, show your friends how it’s done by acting as their personal disco ball – that’s a party trick no one can beat!