Child The Cop Costume


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Kid LawThis cop costume has imbued your little one with the bravery required to serve one’s community, the speed to catch any and all criminals, and the austere authority to enforce the laws of the household, which your tyke has—conveniently—invented themselves! What could ever go wrong?Eating the last bowl of their favorite cereal is punishable by up to three hours of time-out (and no books allowed). In this new household, bedtime is for the parents, not for the kids! No more forced sharing of all of their toys, either. Those were rules for the old regime. Spaghetti for breakfast and pancakes for dinner—or else! And please, ma’am, no complaining.Product DetailsReally, we all know that your kiddo doesn’t have any real authority. But, who can deny playing along for at least a little while when they look so cute in this Child’s Cop costume? We’re sure that they’ll be playing Good Cop thanks to this shirt, vest, helmet, and pair of police pants.The Law of FunWhen your tyke gears up in this Cop Costume, it’ll be time for serious fun. From collecting candy donations from the locals to putting on their very own Kiddo Cop Ball, it’s a non-stop ride. You know… so long as you aren’t enforcing naptimes too early.