Child Sweet Bee Costume


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You know that really unflattering look all children (and adults) make after getting stung by a bee? That look of confusion and pain and terror with all the tears and snot and yelling? Well, none of those emotions or bottly fluids will be on you or your daughter’s face when this costume’s involved. This bee, in fact, stings a smile onto everyone!Sweet as honey or the nectar of a flower, your little girl deserves a costume to match the good behavior. (Or maybe she deserves a little impetus to be sweeter!) Either way, we have it on good authority that she’ll bee the absolute cutest bee in the hive at any costume party, Halloween celebration, school program, pollination ritual, or dance recital! She can be as busy as a… little worker ant, but look like a driven yellow jacket!Our Child Sweet Bee Costume—in addition to being scientifically proven to improve the moods of all those around—is a three-tier yellow skirt with black satin ribbon lacing, a pair of yellow knit mesh wings with comfortable elastic shoulder straps, and a velvet-covered plastic headband with a bumblebee figure atop a spiraled wire. All you might be missing is the model and her shiny black shoes. Keep all your honey and flowers in a safe place, though—we can’t be responsible for any lost, pollinated, or eaten household items.