Child Police Riot Helmet


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Playground PreparationRecess can get a little crazy at times. It is hard to imagine a playground without dodgeballs flying everywhere, football games getting a little intense, and kids running around the playground just going nuts. All of that just sounds a little too dangerous for our taste. Sure, you could just go with the bicycle or football helmet to gear up, but there are more dramatic ways that will help your kiddo live out their protect and serve ambitions, too! Product DetailsProtect your tyke’s head while keeping the peace with this Children’s Police Riot Helmet. It works great by itself when you have to get out there and jump into action quickly but it looks even better with a full costume set and maybe a little bit of extra gear to go with it. Before long your little officer will be supporting all sorts of friendly playground fun… (at least until the chaos of Four Square or the dreaded Dodgeball Tag begins tomorrow).Head Gear HelpWhen the playtime begins and the zaniness of dodgeball flinging starts, make sure your tyke is ready for the laughing riot with this helmet. Not only is it stylish and makes for fun roleplay, but you should see the air it can give a ball!