Child Black Webbed Gloves


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Did you know that webbed fingers and webbed toes is actually a mutation? That’s right, it’s basically criteria for joining the X-Men! There’s actually a lot of benefits to having webbed hands. For instance, you could swim much faster because you’d practically be half fish. You could also stir the water in the bathtub much easier so baths would be quick and easy. You could also play baseball without a glove. Just think about all the fly balls you would catch. Finally, there’s no need for a fly swatter because you could use your mitts to smack those pesky flies! These child black webbed gloves will come in handy whether you are choosing to use them to become an everyday mutant or you want to wear them to compliment a costume. These shiny spandex gloves with web fingers will look great with any insect costume, bat costume, or even a duck costume. You’ll have a wacky time having fake webbed fingers!