Child Black Knee Length Crinoline


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Does your kid need a petticoat to give her skirt a little extra lift and volume? Or is she looking for the perfect complement to a 50s costume, goth getup, or ballerina outfit? If the answer to any one of these is “yes,” then this Child Black Knee Length Crinoline is a must-have accessory for you. The possibilities for mixing and matching are limitless with this simple but stylish skirt, and it fits with countless fashions and costume ideas!Made by us, the exclusive Child Black Knee Length Crinoline has three tiers of layered black ruffles, which will give great texture and fullness to any skirt or costume. There’s no doubt it’s perfect for Halloween, but it’s also a fantastic accessory to have in your closet year-round… especially when what you’re wearing needs a little life breathed into it. So add it to your wardrobe and be ready for any costuming need that arises!