Child Black Fireman Costume


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Your kid’s not even out of elementary school yet, but you already know they’re destined to become the most heroic firefighter that the world has ever known. They talk about it all the time. But there’s just one thing standing in your little lifesaver’s way: typically, a firefighter’s career track includes being a grownup… typically. But then again, you’re not raising any typical hero.This Halloween, let them skip over that whole bothersome “growing up” thing and be a hero for real with the Child Black Fireman Costume! Of course, the true firefighters call it “turnout gear,” but your future fireman can probably already tell you that. This isn’t just make-believe! Patterned on the real thing, this slick set of coveralls features reflective neon strips that assure the little chief will be seen and highly visible while he’s sliding down poles, blazing down the street atop roaring fire engines, and, of course, saving lives. And yes, your kid will be the chief, because the suit comes with a helmet that has the coveted “fire chief” emblem right where everyone can see it!We’re not gonna lie: Halloween is sure to be a busy night when you’re escorting the kid wearing this firefighting suit. Because heroism is demanding work! But whether he’s racing to the newest fire, responding to a fender-bender, or just rescuing a kitten out of a tree, your hero will do it in style with the Child Black Fireman Costume. Whether you can keep up with them is the real question!