Child #2 Pencil Costume


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Do you have a future genius on your hands? Let us guess, your little one is always nose-deep in a textbook and extremely eager to learn everything about anything there is to know. That really is awesome, but do keep in mind that all work and no play makes for a pretty boring life. So tell your cute nerd that it’s time for a night of fun and grab him a costume that expresses his love for academia.Your kiddo will be ready to pass any test when he’s dressed up in this #2 Pencil Costume. Need any I’s dotted or T’s crossed? Well, your child will be the one for the job. Sure, he’s still quite young, but worry not. If any mistakes are made, he’s got an enormous pink eraser right above his head to clear those eyesores off the page. You’ll never have to be concerned about your youngster growing to become dull, not with this costume. He’ll always be sharp and straight to the point when he’s wearing this academic outfit! One of the best features about this costume is the fact that it is only one piece. That’s right, it’s a cozy and easy to slip-on tunic. So your little pencil pusher can enjoy running all around the neighborhood this year without any chance of loosing an important part of his outfit.Give your little johnny the perfect balance of work and play this holiday and dress him up in this #2 Pencil Costume. With this outfit, he’s sure to have the #1 Halloween!