Cherry Jolly Rancher Costume for Kids


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The Best FlavorDeep down, we all know it to be true. Some try to fight it, but it’s an inevitable truth we all have to realize. Sure, some strange folk might try to tell you that green apple is the best flavor. Others, they might try to champion orange as the best flavor out of the bunch. Some wild mavericks out there might even claim that grape is the top choice. But true fans of Jolly Ranchers know the real deal. Cherry is the undisputed king of the Jolly Rancher flavors.Strawberry and Watermelon come close (science has proven that red-based flavors are typically the best), but nothing can hold a candle compared to cherry! It’s just the best flavor out of the entire bunch. That’s why we can say, without hesitation, this Jolly Rancher Kid’s Cherry Costume is the best among all candy costumes!Product DetailsThis officially licensed costume helps your child look like the delicious candy treat! It comes with a simple, polyurethane tunic that fits over your child’s clothing. It has generous openings on the top, along the sides, and at the bottom for your child’s head, arms, and legs. The front has the bright red color of cherry and a printed graphic of the Jolly Rancher logo on it. The bottom even features details that make it look like the end of the wrapper.Leading the CandyIf you and your child know the true power of cherry, then it’s time to kick their costume into full flavor! This Jolly Rancher costume helps your little one dress up like their favorite candy while they head out trick-or-treating. And be sure to check out all of our Jolly Rancher costumes. Maybe you can get a whole pack of flavors going… with your child at the lead as cherry!