Cheer Bear Romper Costume for Women


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Perfect in Pink There are some colors that just lend themselves to the idea of being comfy, cute, and spreading a ton of cheer. Sure, ‘blue’ has that soft and inviting way about it but it is also known for bringing about the sleepy or the sad. ‘Green’ is all about life, sure, but nobody’s ever been pink with envy. ‘Yellow’ might have the bright sun but it also has that scaredy-cat thing going and let’s not even start in on ‘Red’ and its anger-management issues! Nope, the only thing that’s 100% awesome is the perfection of pink and that’s why Cheer Bear has everything going right! Design & DetailsBecome as cheerful as the most beloved bear in Care-A-Lot with this officially licensed Cheer Bear Romper costume! Our Made by Us team channeled all our Care Bears love into creating this cozy onesie made of soft pink fabric! Long sleeves match with shorts to keep you comfy while the oversized hood features big ears to bring the Care Bear character to life. The classic rainbow Belly Badge is emblazoned on the front as well. Zip it up or down to comfort and you’re ready to spread the cheer this season. A Care Bear SquadGather the rest of your friends and family in our Care Bear Romper line to make a mighty Care Bear Stare!