Charming Leprechaun Costume for Girls


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It’s a Leprechaun thingLeprechauns are creatures of mischief, not wholly good or bad, and around three feet high. If this also describes your kiddo then you may be living with a leprechaun. Don’t be alarmed, this kind of thing happened before. We’re guessing the mythic Irish creature has been living with you for some while now, so you might keep a few tips for living with the mischievous creatures under your belt.First off, we all know leprechauns are the tricky type of fairy. You might wake up some days to find sugar in the salt shaker and salt in the sugar bowl. You might notice that your leprechaun can wait for a long time behind the couch in order to scare you but, honestly, that might be the only time your leprechaun can wait for anything. As they are busy creatures you can hardly blame them for their impatience. The best way to keep them from pranking you is to keep them busy. We’re sure your little girl will have fun staying busy as a Leprechaun, especially if you start her young. So, give her a trial with this Girl’s Charming Leprechaun Costume!Design and DetailsThis Girl’s Charming Leprechaun Costume will transform her into a classicly styled Leprechaun from the Emerald Isle. She’s sure to love this charming overcoat with the plaid pants and funky striped socks. She just might want to wear the tiny hat every day. Maybe she’ll be so happy with the clothes that she’ll stop with the pranks! This costume features 100 percent polyester poplin and polyester fabrics, and is made and designed by us right here at Because we’re all about St. Patrick’s Day fun! Get her this look, and we’re sure she’ll be ready to stake out a spot and the end of the rainbow. Let’s just hope she brings home a little bit from the pot o’ gold when she’s done for the day!