Cat Ear Rhinestone Headband


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THE EAR’S HAVE IT What a time to be a cat! The little furballs clawed their way into our hearts and won over the internet. Cats are at the height of popularity and now human beings are asking themselves, “how can I be more like my feline friend?” Those people have even made trips to their plastic surgeon asking if they could have pointy ears surgically attached to the top of their heads! Now that’s showing dedicated to the cat-lifestyle! If your kitty-cat-obsessed but not completely committed to connecting cat ears to your skull, we understand! We can also help out with this cat-conundrum by sending you this cat ear rhinestone headband. It’s less painless than going through surgery and way more stylish too. PRODUCT DETAILSTwo rhinestone-encrusted, pointy ears are attached to a pink headband. The pink headband is thin so it can be concealed underneath the hair. Since the band is skinny and delicate, it’s also very comfortable to wear. It’s so comfy, you can even sleep with this cat ear headband resting on your head. Or you can take it off at night too, we won’t tell! THE COMPLETE CAT EXPERIENCE Now that you have the ears, it’s time to assemble the rest of your look. These ears look fantastic with any cat costume you pick out.