Bud Light Can Women’s Dress Costume


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The Dilly Dilly DressSo, what exactly does “Dilly Dilly” mean? We’ve done a bit of research to find out. We scoured the internet, looking for information on the phrase. We also took a linguistics course, hoping to discover the roots of the word. We even tasted a ton of Bud Light, just to get the bottom of the mystery. So, then… what does it mean?We have no idea, but it’s a lot of fun to say when you raise up your can of beer! If you want another reason to say, “Dilly Dilly” or if you want to hear people cheer the friendly phrase at you whenever you walk into a room, then we’ve got the perfect costume dress for you! It’s officially licensed from Budweiser and has a uniquely delicious look to bring to any partyProduce DetailsThis Bud Light Can Dress Costume is a sight for anyone who’s ever uttered the phrase, “Dilly Dilly.” The costume itself consists of a blue dress that’s designed to look like a can of Bud Light. It has the Bud Light logo on the front of the dress, along with plenty of printed writing to capture the look of an ice-cold can of beer. The trim around the top and bottom of the dress are made out of shimmering silver material. The dress also comes with a cute pop tab headband. It all combines for a look that will have you ready to cheers you with a hearty, “Dilly Dilly!”The Dilly Dilly MoodIf you’re a fan of Bud Light, then it’s time to dress up like your favorite can of brew! This cute dress is an easy way to get anyone into the “Dilly Dilly” sort of mood!