Bud Light Can Costume for Adults


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Gets the Job DoneThe world is full of fancy, frilled beers. You’ve seen all of those brews sitting on the shelf at the store. You know, craft beers made with flowers and exotic hops. They always have creepy names that sound a little like the name of a failed heavy metal band. But… why make a good thing complicated? An easy-drinking beer only requires a few simple ingredients… and Budweiser knows better than mess with a good thing! That’s why Bud Light has been the staple beer for anyone who’s doesn’t want any of those weird additives or try-hard flavors. You can always trust ol’ blue!If you’re a true Bud fan, then it’s time to get the word out. With this Bud Light Can Costume, you can dress up as the reliable brew that makes any get-together a little better!Product DetailsBased on the famous beer, this Bud Light Can Costume is an officially licensed costume that comes with a foam tunic that’s shaped like a can of beer. Of course, the exterior has that classic blue color and it even has printed detail on the front to make it look like an ice-cold can of beer. It has generous openings in the bottom and top, along with openings in the sides for your arms. All you have to do is slide it on over your clothes and you have an instant costume that’s guaranteed to be a hit at your next party. The top of the tunic has a silver, metallic color to finish off the look.The Beer for BelieversIf you’re a true believer in simple, drinkable beers, then you’re already well acquainted with Bud Light! Now, you can acquaint the rest of the world with your favorite brew by wearing this officially licensed costume.