Bubble Mouse Costume for Toddlers


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“Eek! An adorable mouse!”That might be one of the reactions your toddlers get when they walk into a room. People probably won’t jump onto their chairs, unless they get super pumped about cuteness. If the culprit does get overly excited, tell aunt Ethel to calm down and get off the chair, there’s more to come, just wait ’till you bring out the cheese, you taught your little rodent to nibble it just like a hungry mouse.You know, mice have gotten a bad rap. Sure house mice will nibble on almost everything, they can spread germs, but there are more than 1,000 types of mice out there. All of them are adorable but they don’t all cause havoc in houses. There’s the church mouse, the quietest kind. You can recognize them because they’re wearing monks robe, the tops of their heads are bald, and they’re usually found in old chapels. Then there’s the American wild west mouse. This mouse traveled from New York and now seeks a new life in the wild west, this might be the most adventurous species of mouse out there.This is all to say, your little ones don’t have to be common house pests when they dress in the soft gray and blue bubble costume. Maybe your kiddo will be more of a floating on a lake on a lily pad type of mouse, or maybe a matchbox for a bed and spool of thread for a table kind of mouse. They will just have to follow their inner whiskers to decide. Whatever species of mouse your kids end up as they’re sure to ham it up in this photogenic little number, it won’t be any trouble convincing this little mouse to say “Cheese!”.