Brown Fantasy Wand


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If you have been searching high and low for a fine wand, but you can’t make it to a certain London alley, your search stops now! This Brown Fantasy Wand meets all of your magical wand needs, for and even more magical price! Durable? Check, it is made out of a sturdy brown plastic, with a zig-zag form. Comfortable grip? You got it, it has a faux leather grip braided around the handle. Fashionable? Of course, it has two ornamental star and moon tassels. This wand has it all, and can be worn with all as well! You can be an enchanting woodland fairy, an old, wise warlock, or a bewitching sorceress, with a whole arsenal of spells in her pocket! The number of possibilities is truly marvelous, and with this wand, you will not be disappointed!