British Bobby Costume for Men


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The Whole Nine YardsLaw enforcement in the Scotland Yard has a whole unique level of worries. There’s something about the parliament building that’s so climbable! They’ve caught three people carrying climbing gear onto the property. Why haven’t we found pics of folks halfway up the building? Cause the bobbies are so on top of their job of course! They’ve got to keep an eye on the alleys of Covet Garden Market. Tulip thieves can still be quite a problem in the city. Who knew there was a black market for flowers? But if you want to be a good bobby, you can’t just control crime. You’ve got to be on top of the dry British humor as well. Folks call 999 for all sorts of weird reasons. They call for help about bad haircuts, inflatable sharks in public fountains, and a dangerous case of boredom. And bobbies take in good humor. Who knows what makes the position of bobby so charming but we’re thinking it has something to with their hats. Product Details & DesignThis Made-By-Us costume isn’t just a police outfit, it’s got the unique features of a British bobby uniform! The long coat goes past the waist, keeping officers and Halloween revelers dry in the damp London weather. The top is lined with silver along the front pockets and down the front framing the silver buttons. The tunic’s waist is cinched in with a faux leather belt. You’ll also get the straight cut pants, the evidence sleuthing monocle. And of course, it’s topped off with the tall bobby hat with the Metropolitan Police symbol. On the CaseAre you ready to head out on the Scotland Yard? You’ll look like a charming official in this ensemble? Want to polish off your costume? Top it off with a pair of white glove, a nightstick, and you might as well grow or invest in a mighty fine mustache as well. No one’s gonna get past a brilliant bobby like you!