Boys Skeleton Suit Costume


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Is he ready to rise from the grave and take the living world by storm? Is he ready to make the best impression possible? Is he ready to become top skeleton bachelor?? Whoa, whoa , whoa… Let’s slow things down here and take it one thing at a time. It’s not going to be enough to just rise from the grave and start haunting the living. We’re going to want your little guy to make the best impression possible when he’s showing his bones as a reanimated skeleton. And unequivocally the best way for him to pull that off would be by employing this boy’s Skeleton Suit!This costume look will turn your child into a dapper being from the great beyond. The suit style jacket and pants feature a skeleton print, but with an attached tie and matching gloves, he’s going to be one slick looking skeleton. Complete his look with face paint, a top hat and cane (sold separately) and he’ll be ready to make a big impression at any event. Whether he’s looking to impress or just looking to give everyone a fright, this Skeleton Suit will give him the style to succeed!