Boys Electric Mad Hatter Costume


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Is your kiddo as mad as a hatter? Has he been acting goofier than usual lately? Has he developed an odd fascination with hats? Well, it sounds like someone has been spending too much time around the tea table!Did you know that back in the 17th-century hat makers were over exposed to inorganic mercury and often the victims of mercury poisoning. They suffered symptoms that made them appear to be descending into madness, hence the saying “mad as a hatter”. Now, rather than telling your kiddo to give up on his dreams of making the ultimate hat, give him an outfit that will reflect his kooky transformation. Check out this Electric Mad Hatter Costume for boys. This will be the perfect costume for your aspiring hat maker to run around in and fully express his new quirky personality. As we are all well aware, mad hatters are huge fans of festive tea events. So, with this electric outfit, your kiddo will be ready to host an awesome costumed-tea party or to celebrate another exciting Halloween! Even if your child is completely sane we’re sure that this eccentric costume will inspire him to act the part perfectly.Now before you let your little hatter run off make sure to grab him a few accessories. A zany wig and a marvelous oversized hat would be the perfect cherry to top off this amazing costume. Once he’s properly suited up for a night of madness, he’ll be ready for a truly memorable Halloween! Just remind him not to fall too far down the rabbit hole…