Book Of Spells Purse Accessory


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Elements of DesignAre you heading out in all your witchy wonder? Putting together a witchy costume can be a real ball. There are so many elements. Are you going to be a classic witch with a long gown, striped tights, curved heel shoes, and a pointy hat? Or are you a modern witch who uses a vegan replacement for the traditional eye of newt and prefers a black modern mini dress with a sleek gray wig? You have so many options! But here’s the thing, it would be a real downer to ruin the look with your everyday bag. Don’t break the spell, keep it going with this wonderful Book of Spells bag. Product DesignThis bag is all about versatility, it could be used as a shoulder bag when the strap is hooked up or detach the strap and use it as a little wallet. The zip-up bag is decorated with a lovely gold logo that says, “Book of Spells” and “The sum of magical works” and mysterious script on the back. It also has spider webs throughout for an ancient, magical look.Witchy WisdomWitches have always known how to put together a great outfit. That’s why they’ve had haters historically. Own that magical wisdom with this sweet little bag that’s, hopefully, full of secrets.