Blue Snowman Boy’s Suitmeister Suit


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Snow Place Like HomeWe’ve always loved a good snow day. No, it’s not because we’re from Minnesota! (Yes, we are from the cold North, but that’s not the reason we love snow days). Snow days are a good reason to take the day off of school, head outside for some fun, and, of course, build a snowman or two. Unfortunately, it’s just not something comes around very often, even in the middle of winter. Well, the good news is that any kid can carry on the spirit of a snow day with this colorful suit by Suitmeister!Yes, the Blue Snowman Suitmeister is an outfit for kids that can make any boring, humdrum day feel a little more like one of those awesome snow days!Product DetailsThis kid’s suit comes from the folks at Suitmeister. They love making unique and whimsical suits to help liven up any situation. This one begins with a bright blue suit jacket with a snowman and present pattern throughout the entire suit! The jacket is a modern single button style fit with false pocket flaps in front. The pants are of the same fabric and have front pockets. Finally, the suit comes with a necktie, also of the same fabric, which completes the look. It’s pre-tied and has a fastener in back, so no tying required! It all combines for a look that any child will love wearing while he patiently waits for the next snow day of the season.The Ugly Christmas SuitIs your child headed to an ugly Christmas sweater party? Well, then it’s time to kick it up a notch! This suit takes the idea of an ugly Christmas sweater and transforms it into an entire outfit. Your child is sure to win best dressed at the party.