Blue Pom Pom and Megaphone


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Ready? Let’s Go!You’ve pressed and hung your cheerleading uniform; each pleat is crisp, and the appliqued lettering looks brand new. You’ve whitened your sneakers and replaced the frayed shoelaces. You’ve even taken the time to add a bit of flair to your socks so that they spread as much cheer as your chants are going to. You feel completely ready for the big game with plenty of time to hurry up and wait for it to arrive. The only thing that it sounds like you’re missing are the basic tools of the trade.Product DetailsComplete your cheerleading look with this Blue Pom Pom and Megaphone accessory kit. With this simple set in your collection, you’ll have everything you need to rally the team and cheer on a victory! Your pyramid stands and high-flying flips will captivate the crowd even more when you add a flash of blue streamers to the routine with the plastic handled pom poms. When you chant toward the audience your voice will amplify through the 7-inch plastic megaphone with “Go Team” printed on the side.Cheerful CollectionWhether you’re dressing up for a cheerful Halloween or looking for a fun accessory to bring to your team’s next big game, this Blue Pom Pom and Megaphone set has you covered. Chant trick-or-treat or join the energized crowds with these accessories in your collection!