Blue Nordic Christmas Men’s Suitmeister Suit


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Do You Hear What I Hear?The holidays have been working their way into our minds since the weather started to turn. The wind rattles the windows and all of the sudden you notice that Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is tinkling from store speakers where ever you go. And as the season continues, familiar sounds continue to appear. The scrape of the shovel on icy sidewalks, the sound of cookie sheets sliding out of the oven, and the struggle of people trying to balance a sap covered Christmas tree in a stand. Yes, it’s that time of the year and we just can’t wait. If all the sounds of the season have you in the holiday spirit than you’ll need a festive outfit for every holiday occasion this winter!Product DetailsThis dapper blue suit is the perfect way to show your kith and kin you’re in the spirit of the season. The Nordic print has patterns of deer, snowflakes, and Christmas trees for a timeless look. The jacket buttons up the middle and matches a necktie. Fully lined, this jacket can be worn year after year for plenty of good cheer for your change. The pants have a normal zipper and button but also have elastic bands on the side to keep you comfortable after all the Christmas feasting. Fancy FestivitiesIf you have a list of invites from November to December, the Suitmeister Christmas suit can be used for all sorts of events. From your nephew’s Christmas pageant and family get-togethers to raucous holiday pub crawls and work parties, you’ll have plenty of occasions to break out this suit for years to come. This time of year, the lights are sparkling, the snow is falling, and the air smells like sugar and spice. Let everyone know that you’re in the spirit of the season when you’re rocking this sleek, Nordic look!