Blue Iridescent Glitter Make-Up


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All That and Some GlitterIt’s not just blue glitter. It’s Blue Iridescent Glitter. It’s the finishing touch on your fairy costume and a little bit of magic for your Cinderella look. This blue glitter adds sparkle to your toddler’s friendly dragon costume and offers extra glitz to your partner’s glam-rocker getup. It’s a pop of color for your everyday makeup jobs and the enticing shade of shadow your kiddo might sneak for their own makeup experiments. This blue glitter isn’t just an extra piece for your extensive collection. It’s the versatile staple that can get you through blue Monday moods and Halloween party vibes alike.Product DetailsAdd some shimmer to your costume makeup when you add this Blue Iridescent Glitter to your collection. This .06 oz compact of cosmetic glitter can be applied with a brush, finger, or any of your favorite makeup tools. Layer over eyeshadow for a dynamic effect or apply to a clean surface for a simple yet vibrant blue sparkle. Whether creating a mystical creature, edgy punk, or everyday makeup design, this easy-to-use glitter has you covered!Makeup MagicEnsure you have everything you need for all your Halloween makeup looks by adding some glitter to your collection! Every magical character comes to life with this bright blue glitter in your stash, and every typical workday eyeshadow becomes magical!