Blue Butterfly Girls Costume


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Feel the FlutterKids. One minute they are crawling around like little caterpillars, and the next moment you turn around—wham! You’re staring at a beautiful butterfly. They grow and change so fast and just like that, they aren’t so little anymore.We’re not really the sentimental type, but trust us, this Girl’s Blue Butterfly Costume will capture your little one’s flair and fancy-free nature in one cool costume she will absolutely love to wear (and you will love to see). Because this butterfly isn’t just pretty—no, she’s cool, confident, and covered in bright, bold color! She’s outgoing, she takes the lead, and she knows how to fly her own way. Of course, this butterfly didn’t make her this way, but it really helps to bring out her gorgeous personality.Product DetailsThis look is both pretty and practical, with the dress bodice featuring a faux lace-up effect, black base, and layered tulle skirt with a jagged hemline. The rich blue color transfers back to the butterfly wings, as well as in small details, like the ribbon on the gloves and the mesh sleeve layers. Little black antennae on a fabric-covered headband complete her stunning metamorphosis!Social ButterflyDon’t be surprised if your kid’s social calendar starts to get a bit heavy this month. After all, this costume makes her feel so great, she will want to see and be seen. Now that you have a social butterfly on your hands, don’t you sometimes miss those days chasing her around, trying to keep her from falling off the playground? They grow up so fast!