Blue Baby Beer Bottle


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NEVER GROW UP Remember the days of being a baby? Well, we’re guessing those memories are a little foggy for you since they’re a little foggy for us, but we imagine it was a pretty good time for us. We didn’t have any responsibilities except to eat, sleep and poop. Yup, those were the days and now we want them back. Thanks to adult baby costumes and accessories, we can! Use the baby beer bottle to help construct your own baby costume and trick people into carrying you everywhere! PRODUCT DETAILSThis bottle prop stops adults from crying since it allows them to get in touch with their inner baby. Molded from plastic, this bottle features a light blue cap and a top you can really sip from. It’s approximately 12-inches tall with an attached handle so it’s easy to carry even when you’re wobbly just in case you decide to pour a strictly adult beverage inside. A decal of a screaming baby with the words “big baby beer bottle” is attached to the front, clearly advertising your baby status. NO REASON TO CRY Don’t cry you big baby! We have everything needed for you to complete your transformation back to your early days of infancy. We have plenty of