Black Spandex Catsuit Costume for Women


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IT’S A MOOD Dressing in all-black is never a bad idea. It suggests you’re a truly deep person with lots of feelings which explains why beatnik poets are always wearing the darkest shade. It’s also the prime color that all fashionistas characterize as classic. It looks complimentary on all skin tones and you never have to ask yourself, “does this black match?” It’s the color (or complete absorption of visible light for all you smartypants out there) to wear when you desperately want to make a fashion statement, which is every day right? Which brings us to the very reason why this black spandex catsuit needs to be hanging in your closet as soon as possible. It’s 100% black, it’s slenderizing, and it’s meaningful. It can also be used to create many different costume options and outfits— a trendsetter must-have! PRODUCT DETAILS The black catsuit designed for women is made from a blend of nylon and spandex, making it extremely stretchy and flattering. Its sleek and shiny appearance looks especially great when a spotlight hits it. Please note, to keep the catsuit in pristine condition keep it out of the washing machine. FASHION FAIL? NEVER.Create your own sassy beatnik poet costume by adding a beret and dark sunglasses. Wear it when stepping out on the town with high heels and a confident attitude!