Black Skeleton High Neck Crop Top Costume for Women


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SPOOKY-CHICWe know you can’t hear our clapping but we’re currently applauding your fearless fashion sense. A style chameleon, going from polished to punk in the blink of an eye is no big deal for a girl like you. Your natural ability to coordinate a stellar outfit is both inexplicable and enviable revealing you’re a true style connoisseur and a lover of all things fashion. And since you’ve mastered every style evolution since middle school, taking on an edgier, more macabre fashion approach naturally seems like the next step for you. Luckily, we have the perfect garment to jumpstart your style progression into the world of spooky-chic high fashion.PRODUCT DETAILSThe mesh crop top has a high neck, short hemline, and long sleeves so it’s perfect for trendsetters who like to experiment with all different lengths. White rib cage and spinal bones are printed on the front while arm bones are clearly visible along the arms. The Leg Avenue crop is also made from a blend of stretchy fibers so it makes for a comfortable long-sleeve.TIME TO TAKE A SKELFIE!  You know we couldn’t help but throw one good skeleton pun in this description for good measure. We know you’ll knock this look out of the park but we suggest pairing the skeleton crop with black lipstick, fishnet stockings, and a faux-leather skirt.