Black Rocker Dude Wig


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Sometimes you want David Beckham’s sleek looking hair. It’s stylish, and most importantly you really don’t have to do much with it. But it can also be boring. Clippered close to the scalp. Sometimes you want to mix it up. You want to feel like a rock star, with rock hair. You want to look like Slash with his crazy hair and top hat. Not someone with a “gentleman’s cut”.Well, now your rock and roll look is here. This Black Rocker Dude Wig will let you have the hair band hair that you want, but let you maintain your gentleman’s cut the rest of the time. You won’t be bored when you put the wig on, and start thrashing on your Guitar Hero guitar. The wig doesn’t imbue you with the musical prowess of the 80s, but you will still have fun at karaoke singing Quiet Riot’s “Cum on feel the noise”!