Black Glitter Day of the Dead Temporary Tattoo


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Star of the ShowAs you plan your Halloween party you begin to imagine all the characters that will attend. Will there be a gaggle of celebratory movie monsters or a clique of superheroes and royalty crowding the punch bowl? When the music plays will wild animals dance with cartoon characters? Or will a couple bananas bring down the house with a side-splitting comedy act? The imagined gathering makes you smile but leaves you wondering how you’ll stand out among your guests. And then your Halloween dream crowd parts on the dancefloor revealing a spectacularly dressed and glittering figure in full Catrina makeup.Product DetailsBe the star of your next costume party by dressing in elaborate Day of the Dead style! Once you have your elegant wardrobe picked, all you need to do is put on your Sugar Skull makeup. Keep it simple and beautiful with this Black Glitter Day of the Dead Tattoo. Layer the self-adhesive stickers over your white base foundation to give your skeletal look a bit of pizzazz. With 14 stickers and faux jewels to work with, you’ll have a variety of ways to make your Sugar Skull look unique!Lively Sugar SkullWhether you’re celebrating Day of the Dead or Halloween, Sugar Skull makeup is a look that is sure to be a hit. And with this Day of the Dead Tattoo, you’ll only need your foundation makeup and a gorgeous ensemble to bring your Calavera Catrina to life!