Black Cat Door Mat


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Test Your LuckSeveral superstitions state that if a black cat crosses your path, you’ll have bad luck. Some say you’ll have good luck if the cat is walking away from you though. In Scottish lore, the arrival of a black cat is an omen of prosperity. But then, of course, other stories claim they’re pure evil sent from the devil. We suppose the world will never know for sure if black cats are good or bad news. However, you could try test all of the superstitions for yourself with this Black Cat Door Mat!Product DetailsYou’re sure to feel like you’ve come into some good luck when this doormat arrives at your front door. Add a touch of spookiness to your entryway with the classic image of a scared black cat at night. The familiar image paired with the sturdy coconut fiber construction offers the perfect blend of Halloween spirit and practicality to your seasonal decor. Whether this festive doormat acts as a warning or welcome, it’ll hold up to the elements and lots of foot wiping.Welcome CatSome people may claim that black cats are not to be trusted, but this Halloween decoration proves otherwise. Welcome every trick-or-treater and friend alike with this Black Cat Door Mat!