Black Angel Wings Large


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Angel of AngstNot every angel feels fulfilled laying back with a harp on a fluffy cloud while gold dust sprinkles down while centuries roll by on earth. There are certain angels that are… shall we say, woke. These angels are very well aware that while everyone’s having a good ol’ time in the sky, messed up stuff is happening down on the earthly plane. They peep down through the clouds and get angrier and angrier as they see people ghosting each other after three dates or leaving no tip after an expensive meal at a restaurant. These are the angels that do the equivalent of a teenager sneaking out in the middle of the night and slip down to earth to initiate vengeance on the jerks of the world. It’s kind of a heavenly no-no but it’s nice to know they’re out there looking out for us!Product DetailsThese lightweight wings are made of a silky sheer material and are decorated with a silver feather pattern. Fluffy feathers are gathered around the shoulders to remind everyone of your soft side. The wings strap over the shoulder with elastic straps to keep you comfortable while you spread your angelic nature on our earthly plane.