Biggie Costume from Trolls for Boys


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Say Sparkles!There’s a lot that goes on in the day to day of the Troll Kingdom. You can’t go a morning without getting caught up in an impromptu flash mob or breaking into a spirited chorus. But with all that merry-making, there has to be someone making sure that all those sweet memories don’t just get swept away in a glittery tide! That’s where Biggie comes in. He might be larger than life but that doesn’t stop him from taking photos of all the little things in Trolls Forest. Don’t get us wrong, he’s not afraid to join in. He got jailed for his rendition of Who Let The Dogs Out, after all. But he knows that cheery Troll charms aren’t only about living in the moment, they’re about making memories that count! If your kiddo likes capturing the magic of the moment, he’ll love dressing up as the cheery and gregarious Biggie! Just remember to add extra sparkles to your look before he breaks out the camera. He’s learned over time that a photo could always use more sparkles!Costume Design & DetailsThis fully licensed Trolls Biggie costume is Made By Us, which means it was designed by our in-house creative team with love and care. It features a soft blue jumpsuit with purple shorts that are padded all the way around to give the wearer that distinctive hip-heavy Troll shape. The jumpsuit secures up the back with hook and loop fasteners, allowing your kiddo to change quickly and independently. Four-fingered mitts and boot covers that secure to your own shoes with elastic make this look seamless while the red foam nose and blue hair will make your kiddo feel comfortable in Troll Forest.Likes Worm HugsSome characters like warm hugs. And while we’re sure Biggie likes those too, worm hugs are his favorite! Make sure Biggie doesn’t have to head out alone and pair this costume with our Mr. Dinkles accessory. That’s the best way to make Biggie truly sparkle!