Big Face Wizard Kid’s Costume


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Let’s admit, wizards were the braniacs of the past. They always had their noses in books and found ways to make things happen…actually not just things, magic! In fact, wizards are known for their magical powers, often conducted through casting spells with a handy dandy magic wand. You might ask what wizards do…we say, “what can’t they do?” They always have a trick or two up their sleeves, that’s why they have ample room in their long flowing robes!Have you ever seen a real, live wizard? One lesser-known fact about them is that most of them have really big heads! They need some place to store all of those spells and endless wisdom. They’re not what we see in the movies these days! (We know, because we’ve done extensive studies on people with magical powers). Your child will love becoming this merlin-like wizard, and start working on spells to make his character even more believable—now if he could only make your mortgage and car payments disappear. This Child Big Face Wizard Costume mimics the real-life look of magical beings. The large eyes look as if he’s intensely concentrating on his next conjuration. He might not even need his book of spells—we’d like to think he already has everything already stored in his large-sized noggin…hence the large pointy hat. Now that the mystery is solved behind the headwear of wizards, we think this costume is the perfect way to start your own child’s journey to be a wizard. Make sure to keep an eye on his chore list before that mysteriously disappears!