Big Booger Baby Adult Costume


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Big Booger BabyThe peak of humor is, without a doubt, pure grossness. Unadulterated, disgusting, putrid, vile, and viscous goop dripping from an overlarge, screwed up baby face? LOL. Maybe your baby looks like this on the regular? Maybe you’re just letting your inner kid out to the real world one night each year as part of a horrific curse? Doesn’t matter, it’s all in good fun.One thing is for sure, if you wear this costume, you will definitely meet the love of your life at the party. Women and men love to see confidence, and nothing says confidence like showing up to a party replete with sexy crayons, witches, and pirates dressed in the Adult Big Booger Baby Costume.Product DetailsIn case you need it, this Adult Big Booger Baby Costume comes with a giant diaper, complete with elastic waistband and leg openings. The pullover top is reversible, with one side being pink and the other blue, allowing you to flaunt your style. The 13-inch bottle and 10-inch pacifier should be enough to really sell the baby aspect, if people didn’t pick it up from the diaper and giant baby mask. Speaking of which, the mask is held on by an elastic band around the back and comes equipped with holes to attach the booger-esque slime. The bib and bonnet are each held on by fabric ties. We have no doubt that if you wear this Adult Big Booger Baby Costume, you will be the most horrific-looking person at your party.Where’s my Mommy?This costume is so convincing that any nearby exhausted mothers who see you will be forced by the mother code to attempt to wipe your snotty face clean and return you to your mother. Sure, it will be awkward when you come clean and admit that you’re an adult in a big booger baby costume, but hey, that’s how it goes on Halloween.