Big Baby Head Adult Costume


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big babiesTrue Life: I’m an adult baby.Do you remember watching that True Life episode on MTV? Yeah, us too! It was life-changing to see grown adults carrying on as unconvincing babies, however we couldn’t get over one tiny detail: why didn’t these people invest in better costumes? Their get-ups didn’t resemble those worn by real babies; they looked more like cradle-dwelling adults who had really bad table manners. Immediately we thought, Jeez, we really need to help these adult babies out. So our in-house designers made it our mission to hook them up with a more convincing guise. Introducing this Adult Big Baby Head Costume!product detailsThis costume will prove that you are fully committed to your diaper-wearing lifestyle. Just crawl inside the long-sleeved pajama shirt and pajama pants and throw the oversized foam face headpiece over your noggin! Everyone will finally perceive you exactly how you perceive yourself: as a large-and-in-charge newborn, ready to goo goo and ga ga your little heart out.waaaaaaa!We’re hoping this costume will fulfill all your infantile needs, but if by chance it doesn’t, don’t hold back. Throw the temper tantrum of a lifetime! There’s nothing more fitting than an adult dressed in an inflatable baby costume having a public meltdown.