Beige Fedora


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In order to get a coveted fedora license, most people have to fill out a bunch of lengthy questionnaires. The hatmaking authorities want to be sure that the applicant lives an active lifestyle punctuated by occasions that demand formal headgear. Of course, there are a few shortcuts through all that red tape.For example, if you’re a Prohibition-era gangster or Atlantic City politician, a professor with a uniquely hands-on approach to archaeology, or a legendary blue-eyed crooner, you get a free pass. Certain other exemptions apply as well. If you’re a storied football coach or a former US president, they usually let you skip the paperwork. Come to think of it, you can get one of these hats without too much hassle as long as you look like somebody with a little panache and hang out in the right places. Like this place! Step right up. Get your Beige Fedora here!