Bear Face Mask Bedtime Pack


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Nodding OffThere’s nothing wrong with knowing the value of a good nap. You gotta snatch them when you can. Waiting for your partner in a warm, sunny car? Close those lids and grab a minute long snooze. There’s no need to put off bedtime, either. Sip some bedtime tea, wrap your coziest comforter around your shoulders, and embrace your inner Bedtime Bear! If you’re a fan of snoozin’ you’ll find your fellow sleepy peers when you’re wearing one of these Bedtime Bear Masks. These masks are sure to earn a nod from slumber fans, all over your community. Turns out, your not alone in your napping fandom!Design & DetailsThis pack of three Care Bear Bedtime Bear masks has three different designs. There’s the happy Bedtime Bear scatter pattern, the happy moon Bedtime Bear Badge, and the happy smile of Care Bear! The masks contour over your nose and chin and have a broadcloth interior with a pocket for paper filters. Soft loops fit around your ears, making these masks easy to slip on at a moment’s notice. It’s easy to show you Care with these Care Bear face masks!Care CrewIf you wear a facemask every day, it’s nice to have masks that represent the way you feel! This mask is perfect for a sleepy Saturday or rainy Monday morning. Check out the rest of our Care Bear mask sets and get a mask for every mood!