Batmobile Inflatable Prop


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Holy Inflatable Batmobile, Batman!Batman has had many incarnations over the last 100 years. We’ve seen serious, brooding Batman. We’ve seen a fully armored Batman fighting against Superman. We’ve even seen future Batman, who flies around Gotham City in a pair of jet boots. However, if you ask us, there’s one Batman who tops them all… Adam West. No other version of Batman could get away with doing the Batusi or driving through the city in an audacious convertible! Well, now you can pay homage to the most influential Batman of them all when you set these Inflatable Batmobile Prop Decoration in your yard!Product DetailsThis inflatable decoration will make it look like the classic, Adam West Batman, has stopped at your home to join the party! The decoration self-inflates in just a few minutes with the simple flip of a switch. When fully inflated, it measures nearly 8.5 feet long and it completely recreates the look of Batman’s vehicle from the 1960s Batman television series.Commence with the BatusiJust set this Batmobile prop up in your yard and you can turn your home into the Batcave! Of course, we recommend dressing up like Batman when you inflate this decoration in your yard, so be sure to check out all of our classic Batman costumes.