Bat Ears Headband Accessory


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In the animal kingdom there are few animals who have been served such a bad rap as the beautiful bat. Let’s look at this creature without our silly biases. It’s a furry mammal that flies! That in itself is amazing. The bat also takes care of the annoying insect population. In a summer evening a bat can eat up to 1,200 bugs per hour, that’s a lot of mosquitoes! They don’t turn into vampires, have rabies more often than other animals, or fly into people’s hair. That being said, these night flying beasties make great Halloween costumes. If you’ve got your black wings, have mastered sleeping upside down, and eating your weight in bugs every night, then you only need one more thing to make your transformation complete. These bat ears make your bat costume 100 percent cuter. The satiny, sparkly fabrics will help restore the reputation of these nocturnal sweeties. The next time someone calls you batty you can take it as a compliment.