Baboon Costume for Kids | Warm Halloween Costume for Kids


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The Zoo in Your HomeThe noise. The mess. The constant chaos. And it all stems from your little wilding. Sure, you love them more than anything, but sometimes it almost seems like they belong in the zoo and sometimes, you feel a little more like a zookeeper than a parent! Well, don’t worry about it! All kids go through that phase when they’re young. You just need to buckle up and enjoy the crazy ride while you can, before they turn into a teenager. Perhaps you need a costume that captures their true, wild nature this year!  That’s something that this child Baboon costume delivers in full spades.Design & DetailsThis high-quality kids costume is an exclusive costume based on the excitable primates seen in the wild. The costume comes with a jumpsuit that’s covered in a thick layer of faux fur. That gives this outfit a realistic look, but it also helps keep your young one warm on a night filled with trick or treating. The bum has red velour padding on the back and it even has faux fur tail attached to the back. The hood has a soft-sculpted face that has bright red and blue colors, much like a wild mandrill! The interior of the hood has foam lining for comfort and some soft sculpted teeth on the mouth. Finally, the dark gray gloves are made of soft velour to finish off the look.Stock Up on BananasYou might want to think about constructing a holding pen to house your little ape, since this kids Baboon costume will have your child acting like a real hooting mandrill! Also, make sure to keep a huge stock of bananas on hand, since your little one might just have a hankering for his new favorite snack!