Baboon Costume for Adults | Exclusive Jumpsuit Costume


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The More You Know OK, animal lover, let’s test your knowledge on one of our favorite mammals, the baboon. See answers below:1) How many species of baboons are there?  2) Baboons have prehensile tails. True or False? 3) Baboons are the largest _______ in the world. 4) Baboons are both cute and kind of scary. True or False? 5) This costume looks more like a _______ than a baboon. If you answered in the following way—1) 52) False3) monkey4) True! 5) mandrill—then you deserve to wear this Adult Baboon Costume (that looks a lot like a mandrill) to your next costume party! After all, baboons (and mandrills) are highly intelligent and social monkeys with active minds, protective spirits, and a habit of silly antics. Sound like anyone you know? Write up your own animal trivia and ask everyone at the costume party to play. There’s nothing like being trivia-shamed by a baboon (or a mandrill)! It’s particularly humiliating. Design & Details This faux fur jumpsuit looks JUST like a baboon’s body, unless you know a lot about animals (which you do), and then it looks an awful lot like a mandrill. Po-tay-to, Po-tah-to. It’s gray, black, and white with a red velour padded rump and a faux fur (non-prehensile) tail sewn to the back. The hood features a colorful (mandrill) snout, along with ferocious teeth and inquisitive eyes. Elbow-length velour gloves cover your clearly homo sapien hands and also give this wild look a touch of elegance. Monkey Around Whether you feel like showing off your animal knowledge or going with your wild animal instincts, this costume is pure gold. There are only so many times in life that your baboon versus mandrill knowledge will come in handy, so live it up and let it shine in this lively look!