Animated Skeleton in Candy Bowl


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Bowled OverIf you want to take home the grand prize (and all the pride) as your neighborhood’s best haunted house, then you have to think big — you’ll need an overall theme and dazzling effects — but also very, very small. Success is in the tiniest details, after all. No opportunity for Halloween decor shall be overlooked!Take this Animated Skeleton Candy Bowl, for instance. Sure, you could just toss your sweet treats into a ceramic bowl you already have in the house. Or you could even opt for one of those plastic ones printed with witches and ghosts. But this container takes your commitment to the Halloween cause even further. When your guests reach for their snack, this little skeleton will jump at them! See? That’s the kind of thing that will push your party over the edge into the champion slot this Halloween.Product DetailsA black bowl sits on a small golden base, and invites your friends to find their favorite treat! The small and realistic skeleton looks to be lounging in a hot tub…but he has a secret, and his glowing red eyes almost give it away. He is not as serene as he at first appears to be!