Angus Young AC/DC Costume


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When No One is Looking…You might think that no one knows about it, but we do. That’s right. We know. Sometimes, you like to crank “Thunderstruck” and practice your air guitar skills. You even pretend that the living room couch is actually a crowd of fans cheering for an encore. Sometimes, you even “stage dive” onto the couch during your wicked air guitar solo. Then, you try doing his signature duck walk right in the middle of the living room. Don’t worry. It’s completely normal to pretend that you’re Angus Young when you listen to AC/DC.We’re not here to tell you to stop. We wouldn’t dare dream of it! In fact, we’re here to help you up your game when it comes to air guitar. Why just act like Angus Young, when you could look like him too? With this AC/DC Angus Young costume, you’ll finally get your chance to feel like a rock star.Product DetailsThis licensed Angus Young costume has everything you need (aside from some stellar guitar skills) to take to the stage! It comes with a white shirt that buttons up in front It also comes with a dark blue long-sleeved jacket that has AC/DC printed on the chest. The matching shorts fit with elastic around the waist and also feature the AC/DC logo on them. The necktie is a standard tie, so you’d better know how to do that classic Windsor knot! Finally, the velvet baseball cap finishes the look, fully transforming you into a rock legend.Living Room Rock ConcertBreak out your air guitar, because it’s time to get to work! When you’re wearing this Angus Young costume, you can rock out to all of your favorite AC/DC tunes. You can even give a concert for all of your friends!