Angel’s Halo


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Transform into a celestial being with this Angel Halo. No one will take you seriously without a glowing circle of light radiating gently above your head. Seriously, when you say you’re an angel people will want to see the halo.Bring out your inner peaceful angel with a radiating bright light. Some say only angels have halos, but so do nymphs and fairies. Any magical creature has a strong halo! Bring out your inner beauty with sweetness of a celestial being. Transforming to a pretend angel for adults and children is easier with the Angel Halo. You don’t have to be prefect to dress up like a celestial being, but once you are dressed up you’ll become a goddess. Top off the look with a heavenly headpiece. The Angel Halo includes a marabou feather halo and attached white headband. For a polished look just add wings, flowing material, sparkles, and a heavenly attitude. Flap your wings, make a wish, and glow as a divine angel.