American Flag Shirt for Men




PARADE DAY GOLDCan we quiz you for a second? What’s more patriotic: George Washington riding a bald eagle over The Delaware River or The Statue of Liberty and Abraham Lincoln sharing an apple pie on the steps of the White House? Well, to be honest, there aren’t any wrong answers. We just wanted you to get in the right mindset. The patriotic mindset.If you’re heading out to celebrate the American tradition of eating grilled meats and drinking cold ones this summer, you’ve got to make sure you’re doing your nation proud with the right outfit. And when it comes to patriotic wear, we’re well suited to help you out!PRODUCT DETAILSStars and stripes are the game of the game when it comes to this breathable classic cotton t-shirt. No one will be able to miss your vibe with bright and proud colors. This t-shirt pairs perfectly with a pair of blue jeans. Either way, no one will doubt your devotion to the fourth of July festivities amidst the awe of the fireworks!STAR SPANGLEDIf you’re ever going to be spangled in anything, it should be stars around the Fourth of July. This t-shirt will be a go-to for cook-outs, parades, and days at the lake or on the beach. Do us a favor and eat some of that apple pie for us!