Aftermath of Vegas Costume


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What Happens in Vegas…Comes to fruition in 9 months, apparently! The success of this Vegas Aftermath Costume is twofold: for those who love your favorite film, it’s a no-brainer! For partygoers who may be in the dark, it’s all in your delivery of the punchline. All night, those people will come up to you and ask, “So, what are you supposed to be?” Now, you need to time this right, with the appropriate mix of deadpan and a smirk in your eye. “I’m the Vegas Aftermath.” Pause. Beat. There—cue the hilarious laughter! It’s time to embrace your all-new Dadbod in quite a literal way, as this costume alters your body by attaching a baby to it. They say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but this costume is proof that what happened in Vegas for you is now strapped to your chest wherever you go—even to the Halloween party! Well, that was unexpected, now, wasn’t it? Product DetailsThis hilarious gag costume includes the wig and beard combo, sunglasses, and a baby carrier with a stuffed baby. If it’s the first time you’ve ever strapped a baby onto you, you may want to warm up to the big night and practice a bit—you wouldn’t want to make your grand entrance by accidentally running into the doorframe or whipping around too fast. You need to act—as well as look—the part.Hitting JackpotHopefully, you won big at the tables while you were in Vegas, too, to help pay for your new bundle of joy. Just like your fave film, this costume does not disappoint!