Adults Plus Size Mascot Easter Bunny Costume | Exclusive


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It is a long-held myth that the mystical creatures and residents of our varied holidays are somehow sequestered to those lonely dates. Santa Claus is locked away in the North Pole until the end of December… the Pumpkin King can only appear in late October with the harvest and thinning of the veil… Cupid only flies through the skies with his quiver of enchanting arrows in mid-February… and… er… Flag Day has a pixie or something, right?Anyway, all that is nonsense! The magical folks that help to spread glee and affirm the festive spirit of their associated holidays don’t just cease to exist in their off months! They aren’t locked up under a strange sort of Gregorian House Arrest because no one is actively in need of their unique array of gifts. In fact, they often visit each other in their down time, exchanging stories and the addresses of folks who are particularly spirited or are in need of some ghostly reminders of the people they might better be. Surprisingly enough, it is the Easter Bunny who usually hosts these occasions, making a mean Egg Salad Sandwich.So, it is no surprise that the Easter Bunny is the first on the guest list for the other holiday occasions and All Hallows Eve is no different. It is time to gear up again in this Plus Size Mascot Easter Bunny costume and hop your way to the holiday events. This faux fur jumpsuit of bright white fabric has a festive Springtime plaid vest and elastic bow tie. The molded plastic mask is covered in the same matching faux fur and has mesh-covered eye openings to better see your path. Accompany the garb with a wicker basket and some chocolate eggs to remind even the ghouls of the festive Spring. Heck, you might even earn some bonus points from Santa who is sure to be there, too!